About Me

Hi! I’m Bhagwad Park and I’m a writer in Tampa, Florida though it was in Chicago that I got my head start.

I graduated from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, and hold an MBA from ICFAI Hyderabad, majoring in Science, Marketing, IT, and Entrepreneurship. After trying different things and even running my own business, I decided to write for a living. I’ve been writing for several years, including maintaining my own blog and no other job has given me the freedom I need to enjoy my personal life.

I specialize in technical writing and have written many medical, legal, and IT related articles. I’m also an expert at SEO and have received much praise from my clients for improving their site rankings on Google.

WordPress and Web Hosting Expertise

Since 2012, I’ve been specializing in writing WordPress and web hosting tutorials. Here’s a knowledgebase of articles that I’ve built up over 5 years:

  1. Webhostinghero – www.webhostinghero.com/blog/
  2. Namehero – www.namehero.com/startup/author/bhagwad/

I’ve also published WordPress tutorials here

  1. https://tribulant.com/blog/wordpress/how-to-convert-a-post-to-a-page-in-wordpress/
  2. https://wparena.com/integrate-google-tag-manager-wordpress/
  3. https://wpdesigner.com/show-user-uploaded-images/
  4. https://www.blogprocess.com/how-to-allow-contributors-to-upload-images-in-wordpress/

In fact, I’ve written so many WordPress, Linux, and web hosting tutorials, that if you’ve been in this field for a while, you’ve almost certainly read one of my tutorials by now!

Owner of WP-Tweaks

Recently I’ve decided to leverage my expertise in WordPress and web hosting by helping out the community at on my site WP-Tweaks.com. It’s a unique site that compares web hosting prices across multiple providers. In addition, the site is full of beginner friendly advice for getting started with web hosting, along with a quick questionnaire to figure out what you want!

There are also WordPress, cPanel, and web hosting tutorials to provide guidance with in-depth tutorials with screenshots.

Get in Touch!

Use the contact form in the navigation bar to get in touch with me, or visit wptweaks.com for more information.